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So Cute They Could Eat You

A cute version of some classic villains.

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Baby Sea Monster Finds a Toy

This may be the final rework on the Sea Monster. Started work on this a couple of years ago. Finally found time to finalize an idea with this and move on. Even the bravest of sailors fears coming into contact with a playful sea monster. This little guy has the best intentions, but all his toys end up busted and laying at the bottom of the sea.

I also posted this over on Threadless. If you’d like to give this guy a vote please go here. Thanks!

The Baby Sea Monster Strikes Again!

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Halloween illustrations

Worked on a bunch of revamps for this year’s Halloween cards. Here’s a quick look…

vampire with glowBats on twilight blue sky

Happy Halloween Spider

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Food Friends.

It’s been a hell of a busy month (summer). I haven’t had a really good chance to post much lately, even though I’ve been cranking out a ton of new work in my free time. I’ve been working on a few new projects since returning from my 2 week trip through Iceland/Copenhagen/Prague/Berlin. The real sad thing is that I lost my sketchbook on my Delta flight from New York to Minneapolis. I carried that with me for all 14 days and it was full of some new ideas and sketches. I’m hoping it appears soon. My name was on the back and I filed a “lost and found” document with Delta. Fingers are crossed. Here are a few submissions for this weeks Illustration Friday theme, “Gesture”. Playing with faces, reactions between some fast food elements. I will have more posted at my site in the next week.

Megaburger vs. Apple

Big Burger and Little Burger


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Warning: 8 Eyes are watching

This guy would make an awesome surveillance system. 8 eyes to watch every corner of the room. This is my post for the challenge of “warning” for Illustration Friday this week. I was sticking with my bug theme from the week before. I had fun with both of them so I may continue the theme for this coming Friday. I’m hoping for something I can use ladybugs on.

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Super-Happy-Valentines: Part II

I just finished a couple of new Valentine’s Day cards. These would have posted earlier today, but I had to get out and enjoy a beautiful February afternoon. This did give me a chance to spend my night finishing up Dexter Season 4 and catching a few minutes of the Grammys (woo-hoo, Arcade Fire!)  I must admit, I did have some help brainstorming a few captions for these (thank you, Em). I think this will be it for the holiday. I’m getting tired of working with just pink and red.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

"Let's Take It Slow" front of card

"Let's Take It Slow" back of card

"You Are Eight-Mazing" back of card

"You Are Eight-Mazing" front of card

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Robo-Cowboy Part II: Revenge of the Robo-Ranger

Okay, I thought about this all week. I’ve had 2 things in my head for the last few weeks: robots and cowboys. Must be a combination of a lingering robot project and then going to see True Grit for a second time.

Last week I submitted the “High Noon Surrender”, but I didn’t really have an idea of what, or who, he was surrendering to. The theme this week is “reverse”, so I’m giving the reverse view from last week. The Robo-Ranger has tracked down our rogue robot hero.

A few thoughts I had. Originally this was going to be a group of rangers. One was shot in the leg and a few others were silhouettes. It became really cluttered for a small image. I simplified it down. I prefer the idea of 1 hero and 1 nemesis.

I’ll post more sketches and other parts in the next few days. I’m having fun developing the story. More to come…

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Ads of the Future – ChefBot part 2.

I received a slow cooker for Christmas this year. As geeky as this sounds, it’s seriously the best gift ever. A big “thank you” to my sister for knowing just what to get me. Somehow, I really screwed up my first attempt with chili. I didn’t have a recipe to go by, so I mixed and matched a bit of this and a bit of that. Topped it off with Tabasco sauce and cheese, and voilà, I have…spaghetti sauce? Ugh, major fail. Since then I’ve improved, and tried out a pot roast and pork chops recipes. Not bad, I’m getting better.

But you know what would make my cooking even better? A ChefBot. That’s right, ChefBot. Complete with 800 recipes for any occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, Thanksgiving, Italian, Thai, Mexican, BBQ and many more. And that’s not all! If you order from WeirdoBoy Industries in 30 minutes, we will throw in the “Brewmaster”, “Wine Connoisseur” and “Fire Safety” programs absolutely free!

I can wish, right?

ChefBot: Order Now!

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Enter: RoboChef

Um… I just looked at the temperature outside. It’s -14 at midnight. That’s a negative 14. So the options were really limited. Stay inside and work on my illustration Friday project, or wander around outside and get frostbite in a matter of minutes. I chose the former.

The theme this week is “chicken”. I wanted to do something a little bit different. Seems like this was a good week to bring back the Blue Robot. Imagine the future of your household robot. He does everything: walks the dog, vacuums the house and cooks the perfect roasted chicken.


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Haven’t I Done This Before?

Big Harry strikes again. Yes. This was one of my first blogs from last year. I always wanted to revisit the final and work with the color and detail a tiny bit more. A fun experiment with some new Photoshop brushes and simplifying other parts of the work. I’m happy with it now. I’ll leave it alone.

Actually, I think I’m done with big monsters breaking down cities for a while. I’m going to focus on a few other projects over the next few weeks. I have a really big presentation coming up on March 31st. I need to speak and present on my life as a designer to a lecture hall full of students. I’m all excited and nervous. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to talk about.

"Haven't I Done This Before?"

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