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Teenage Moon: Craterface

Remember those awkward teenage years? Waking up in the morning and finding that new blemish on your nose right before the big dance? Well, it happens to moons too! Lucky for them, scientists have invented Crater-B-Gone! Now available for vote over at Threadless.com:

Craterface - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

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The Melting Rainbow

Spring is here and I’m feeling the allergies this week. Just checked the pollen level… it was a 10.2 out of 12. Which explains the worn-out, scratchy-eye, sneezing feeling I’m having the last week. The good news for that is I can stay in and work on a bunch of new ideas. This was the first of about 6 illustrations I’ve been working on. I had 2 different versions of this. Melting ice cream rainbow: one with a curve and the other straight down. Here it is up to vote over at Threadless: http://threadless.com/submission/416633/6_Flavors_of_Fun

These are the 2 versions I worked up during the process:

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Baby Sea Monster Finds a Toy

This may be the final rework on the Sea Monster. Started work on this a couple of years ago. Finally found time to finalize an idea with this and move on. Even the bravest of sailors fears coming into contact with a playful sea monster. This little guy has the best intentions, but all his toys end up busted and laying at the bottom of the sea.

I also posted this over on Threadless. If you’d like to give this guy a vote please go here. Thanks!

The Baby Sea Monster Strikes Again!

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Blue Robot – Night Fishing

I’ve been working on this Blue Robot story for the last 2 or 3 years. I have about 15 different panels started. Want to start wrapping them up during the next few months. This one was started 3 years ago. I wanted to wrap this up and then move on to a few of the others.

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Preparing For the Snow, Cold and Slushy Weather

The cold really set in last night here. Used the opportunity to visit some ideas that were bouncing around in my head. Thinking about posting this by the front door as we prepare for a little bit of snow over the next couple of days.

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Hothy Holidays: Part 1 – Star Wars Viper droid

Posting a few Star Wars inspired cards I created for Christmas this year. I wrapped up a few gifts and used these as labels for my brother and other Star Wars obsessed fans.  I love the Empire Strikes Back, and the Hoth playsets were my favorite as a child. Inspired to create a theme of Christmas on Hoth cards. First up: the Viper probe droid decorating a tree. I tried to get all the legs to look good, but I think even with that he felt a bit static. So I added a small “happy shape” on his top. That seemed to add a bit of holiday cheer that was missing.

Hothy Holidays! Part 1 - Viper Probe Droid

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Captain America VS. Red Skull: Part 2

Finished up working on the Red Skull with the cosmic cube. Worked mostly in Illustrator and then switched over to Photoshop to build up a stronger intensity. I’ve been working with a very subdued and earth tone palate lately. It was a good change. I wasn’t completely happy with where Captain America ended. I revised a few things and then made a new composite featuring the two. Much happier. I’ll sleep a little better tonight.

Captain America vs Red Skull - Final

Red Skull Triumphant!

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Captain America vs. Red Skull

My idea this summer was to illustrate something from each summer movie I went to. I started with Thor way back in May. I did make it to “The Hangover 2” and “X-Men: First Class” before my vacation in June. I really fell behind. So I picked up where I left off last month and wanted to make a few new pieces from “Harry Potter” and “Cowboys vs Aliens”.

First up…Captain America. I want to combine this with a Red Skull piece that I’m still working on. I love working with the iconic shield, so I made sure to get that in there. The Red Skull had to have the cosmic cube, so there is a preview of that here too. More to come…

Captain AmericaRed Skull - Cosmic Cube

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Summer Sun’s Obsession with Ice Cream

I battled the sun last week and tried to eat some ice cream in the 100 degree heat. After about 1 minute I had drips running down both sides of my hand and all over my fingers. And then “plop”, the bar fell right off the popsicle stick. Sun 1, Chad 0.

So this week’s theme is “obsession”. I’m thinking the sun is really obsessed with having some ice cream. Unfortunately it can never get close enough before it just melts away.

Ice Cream vs Sun

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Food Friends.

It’s been a hell of a busy month (summer). I haven’t had a really good chance to post much lately, even though I’ve been cranking out a ton of new work in my free time. I’ve been working on a few new projects since returning from my 2 week trip through Iceland/Copenhagen/Prague/Berlin. The real sad thing is that I lost my sketchbook on my Delta flight from New York to Minneapolis. I carried that with me for all 14 days and it was full of some new ideas and sketches. I’m hoping it appears soon. My name was on the back and I filed a “lost and found” document with Delta. Fingers are crossed. Here are a few submissions for this weeks Illustration Friday theme, “Gesture”. Playing with faces, reactions between some fast food elements. I will have more posted at my site in the next week.

Megaburger vs. Apple

Big Burger and Little Burger


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