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Fast Food Fun Time!

Still working on a whole series of Fast Food Fun Time. Here are a few more of the recent pieces. Posting this for IllustrationFriday, this week’s theme is “stripes”.

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Food Friends.

It’s been a hell of a busy month (summer). I haven’t had a really good chance to post much lately, even though I’ve been cranking out a ton of new work in my free time. I’ve been working on a few new projects since returning from my 2 week trip through Iceland/Copenhagen/Prague/Berlin. The real sad thing is that I lost my sketchbook on my Delta flight from New York to Minneapolis. I carried that with me for all 14 days and it was full of some new ideas and sketches. I’m hoping it appears soon. My name was on the back and I filed a “lost and found” document with Delta. Fingers are crossed. Here are a few submissions for this weeks Illustration Friday theme, “Gesture”. Playing with faces, reactions between some fast food elements. I will have more posted at my site in the next week.

Megaburger vs. Apple

Big Burger and Little Burger


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One Last Round

I was so busy this week that I forgot to post the last update for my Valentine’s Day Cards. I figured I had enough “cute”, so there needed to be a few cards for dudes. Enter: bacon.

You're Bacon My Dreams Come True

You Are So Corny

No, You're So Corny

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Draw and Cook: Egg Nog Milkshake

I was so excited this afternoon to find my illustration posted over at theydrawandcook.com I was going to submit a recipe on making the perfect White Russian, but I’ll save that for another time. Or maybe there will be a new site for they draw and drink? Hmm…

"Egg Nog Milkshake" by Chad Albers

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The Elixir Lab

I’ve been falling behind on my illustration posts, but for good reason. I spent the last 3 weeks working on about 20 elements for an after-party Target was throwing in Chicago. The event was held at the Sable Kitchen and Bar after the Motivation Show. The decor in the restaurant is focused around beakers, test tubes and other scientific elements. We themed the event designs around “solving the equation for health and happiness”. The event had the usual great food and drink, but also focused on pharmacy, healthy food options and well-being. Here’s a sample of the designs. I’ll post some photos from the event later this week.


Table Designs 2

Table Designs 1

Shadow Box Design

Wine Flight Placemat

Drink Menu

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Minnesota State Fair Countdown – Sno Cone

Second in the series, and I already started tweaking my idea. At first I thought I would use the same format for all 10…same font + a new ribbon for each. Then I found the ribbon was becoming too forced. So I’ll see what happens by Wednesday’s post.
Today’s focus is on the classic sno cone. Cheap paper cone. Shaved ice. Colorful flavor. Oooh, instant treat. Not my favorite from the fair, but it’s high on nostalgia. So here he is, Sammy the Sno Cone. I kept hearing his voice while I worked on the final. I imagined it as a high pitched and happy voice, but he’s cussing like a sailor at the hot sun.

"Sno Cone Sammy" by Chad Albers

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