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Stirring up Spring

Thinking spring. My Twins season tickets arrived on Thursday. And we’re moving the clock forward an hour tonight. Hoping for some ice and snow melt in the next week. I can’t wait to see some grass and throw out the BBQ as soon as I can.
Continuing with my “bugs” theme this week. Here’s a little bee that is stirring up some spring pollen.

Stir Up Spring

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Warning: 8 Eyes are watching

This guy would make an awesome surveillance system. 8 eyes to watch every corner of the room. This is my post for the challenge of “warning” for Illustration Friday this week. I was sticking with my bug theme from the week before. I had fun with both of them so I may continue the theme for this coming Friday. I’m hoping for something I can use ladybugs on.

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Super-Happy-Valentines: Part II

I just finished a couple of new Valentine’s Day cards. These would have posted earlier today, but I had to get out and enjoy a beautiful February afternoon. This did give me a chance to spend my night finishing up Dexter Season 4 and catching a few minutes of the Grammys (woo-hoo, Arcade Fire!)  I must admit, I did have some help brainstorming a few captions for these (thank you, Em). I think this will be it for the holiday. I’m getting tired of working with just pink and red.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

"Let's Take It Slow" front of card

"Let's Take It Slow" back of card

"You Are Eight-Mazing" back of card

"You Are Eight-Mazing" front of card

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Super-Happy-Valentine’s: Part 1

I spent my Saturday working on some Valentine’s cards. I took a few of my illustrations and revised them with a hearts and pink theme. Check them out, print them, give them to your Valentine. Fronts and backs are included. More to come tomorrow.

"Whale You Be My Valentine?"

"Whale You Be..." back of card

"Bee Mine"

"Bee Mine" back

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Illustration Friday: Mail

Preparing for this weekend’s holiday party, and posting a submission for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “mail”. This is how I feel right now with my deliveries for Christmas. I’m tracking them, but for some reason they are just sitting in Sacramento on the way to Minneapolis. Ugh. I need them by Tuesday or it’s going to be a bare Christmas morning for my niece and sister. Maybe it’s being delivered by snails.

Chad Albers - "Snail Mail"

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State Fair Countdown – 4 days – Corn.

Getting this posted with just 25 minutes left on the day. Wow. I left town yesterday morning to visit my parents, play some golf and enjoy a nice weekend. Returned home today just in time to take a nap and then head out to a ballgame. So I cranked this out in the last few hours of the night. I was influenced by some seed, corn and flour sacks I found at the fair last year, I’ve attached a photo I shot. Only a few more days…

"State Fair Corn" by Chad Albers

Seed, Flour, Corn sacks.

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Illustration Friday! – Cocoon

Worked on my Illustration Friday project tonight for about 2 hours. I didn’t even have time this week to sketch an idea. So I went right to the (digital) illustration board and pushed some pixels around. This is an early beginning for something I can keep working on. I started with a cute butterfly flying around. Way too cute for me, so I needed the “before” image. The butterfly screaming to get out. Need a bit more emotion in the body language and face, but it’s a start. I had a lot of fun playing with the background. I think I’ll experiment more this weekend. It’s supposed to rain (please don’t snow) and be cold. I’ll have some time on my hands.

I’m going to post this, then try and crawl across the room to my bed. My eyes are way to heavy right now.

Chad Albers - Butterfly in Cocoon

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This past weekend was actually feeling like spring here in Minneapolis. That led to a little late night inspiration on Sunday night. And daylight savings always messes up my sleep schedule, so I stayed up working. Here are a few finals for a nature/bug series. I had worked on the bee and flower previously without any background. Needed a bit more depth, so I scanned in some faux fur, cardboard and used the textures for some backgrounds and skies. Also pulled in an old star pattern I’d worked on from 2007 and used that for one idea. There are a few more ideas for this series I’m working on. I think they’ll be a bit darker in color and help to balance out the lady bug with these brighter ones. Hope to add them soon, at least before the baseball season starts. 

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Target GiftCards Part 1

Target GiftCard "CONGRATS" by Chad Albers

Target GiftCard Prism Eyed Fly by Chad Albers

Target GiftCard Color-Changing Chameleon by Chad Albers

Here’s a look at the final art from a selection of cards I illustrated for Target 2006-2009. The fly was printed with prism viewing eyes. The CONGRATS crowd was a 3-D lenticular card. And the chameleon card was heat-sensitive, changing from dark green to light green when touched. I have samples around here somewhere. I’ll take a photo and update with a new post soon.

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