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Rusted Robot

Worked on this piece over the last week. I was trying to find the right design for a shirt. Hoping the giant idea makes the cut. I would love to have a few of these to share if they get printed.

If you have time to throw a vote on this at, it would be much appreciated:)


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High Noon Surrender of the Robo-Cowboy

One of my best friends, Josh Norton, has an amazing collection of woodcuts on his Etsy site. I was browsing through them last week and he inspired me with his cowboy work. Check out his store, I think the Sasquatch meets Cowboy print would make a wonderful Valentine’s gift:)

I hit the sketchbook and worked up my own Cowboy themed idea. I’ve been having fun working with this robot during the last few weeks. Who wouldn’t love to see a robot cowboy with a quick draw? I’m not sure who he is surrendering to yet, maybe next week’s theme will give me an idea for part 2.

Gotta go. Need to start cleaning this house in time for a Super Bowl party. Where’s my robot when I need him?

Robo-Cowboy by Chad Albers

Robo-Cowboy sketch

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Dusted and Rusted

I’m continuing with my robot theme this week. Another piece I started a year ago and I’m having fun reworking these to a point I’m happy with. Just recently went back to revisit my sketch book with the main story and sketches. In a few weeks I’ll fix up the entire series and post them together.

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Ads of the Future – ChefBot part 2.

I received a slow cooker for Christmas this year. As geeky as this sounds, it’s seriously the best gift ever. A big “thank you” to my sister for knowing just what to get me. Somehow, I really screwed up my first attempt with chili. I didn’t have a recipe to go by, so I mixed and matched a bit of this and a bit of that. Topped it off with Tabasco sauce and cheese, and voilà, I have…spaghetti sauce? Ugh, major fail. Since then I’ve improved, and tried out a pot roast and pork chops recipes. Not bad, I’m getting better.

But you know what would make my cooking even better? A ChefBot. That’s right, ChefBot. Complete with 800 recipes for any occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, Thanksgiving, Italian, Thai, Mexican, BBQ and many more. And that’s not all! If you order from WeirdoBoy Industries in 30 minutes, we will throw in the “Brewmaster”, “Wine Connoisseur” and “Fire Safety” programs absolutely free!

I can wish, right?

ChefBot: Order Now!

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Enter: RoboChef

Um… I just looked at the temperature outside. It’s -14 at midnight. That’s a negative 14. So the options were really limited. Stay inside and work on my illustration Friday project, or wander around outside and get frostbite in a matter of minutes. I chose the former.

The theme this week is “chicken”. I wanted to do something a little bit different. Seems like this was a good week to bring back the Blue Robot. Imagine the future of your household robot. He does everything: walks the dog, vacuums the house and cooks the perfect roasted chicken.


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The Stargazer

This week’s Illustration Friday project. I avoided creating a vector image with this. I was happy with my sketch, so I just played with color all around. I revisited my robot once again. Here he is laying down in a field, gazing upwards. I think he’s been this way for years. He rested here a long time ago, it rained and then his gears rusted up. But he seems to be content.

"Stargazer" by Chad Albers

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Cage Match!

I loved 3 things as a kid: comic books, baseball and professional wrestling. My favorite wrestlers were Andre the Giant and Ricky “The Steamboat” Dragon. If they were on TV, everything else stopped. One day my grandfather brought over one of the WrestleMania videos. Not sure which one, but it featured Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy, in a steel cage match. Hulk escapes, he wins, match over. It was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. So here’s a little tribute to childhood nostalgia.

Chad Albers - El Diablo Cage Match

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A Whale of a Post.

Tornadoes were rolling across the state tonight as I worked. So I may have been a bit distracted as I watched news reports, NBA finals and worked on my Illustration Friday project. The theme this week is “Ripple”. It’s been heartbreaking to watch coverage week after week of the gulf oil spill. At first I was going to make something with oil spill and sadness, but I think we’ve seen enough of that. So I went with a happier route for now. I may post the oil-spill version later this weekend. I’ll see how things go by Sunday.

WHAT A WHALE! by Chad Albers

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Illustration Friday – LINKED

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is “Linked”. I brought out the canvas and acrylics for a little work on this theme. I worked on 3 new works. It has been about 2 months since I’ve painted anything. This work is more abstract in thought compared to my past few submissions, but ties into the overall story for my blue robot. 
Once upon a time he was the brand new model, the top-of the-line robot that was used by every human. Fast-forward 10 years and he is outdated, starting to rust and searching for a new place in society. Since he is no longer desired as a robot, he tries to find a link with humanity and blend in with them. To start this transformation, he creates a generic heart, inserts it into his chest and hopes to feel a change. 
I’m still working on the larger series of these paintings. Hope to have a large amount of them completed during the summer.

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