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Day 2 of my Avengers countdown. When I was about 7 years old, one of my favorite comic heroes was Hawkeye. Not sure why. I think I just liked his purple costume and the really cool trick arrows he often used. I had a bunch of Avengers issues with him on that team, but never in a major role. And then he split to form the West Coast Avengers. I thought that was really awesome, so I collected the Limited Series and the first few issues of the regular series. But that title became boring really quick, so I moved on to X-Men, Spider-man and the Punisher.

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I’m starting the year by wrapping up some older projects that I never finished in 2011. Here is Odin, this was really rough and I think I became bored halfway through work on it. I sat down and powered through it last night. I’ve also added  a few of  the others from the series.

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Happy THORsday!

I kicked-off my summer movie season last night with a preview of Thor. This was one of my favorite comic characters growing up. When I was 9, I joined my grandparents on their way to a garage sale. I ended up with a big box of old Marvel, DC and Dell comic books. My favorites in the bunch were some old Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issues of Thor and the Avengers. I treated them like gold and studied the art and story continuously as a child. They are still stored away in my collection, carefully placed in poly bags with backer boards. I decided to start a few illustrations inspired by these memories. Here is the Mighty Thor and his step-brother, Loki. I’ll have a few more to post in the next few days.

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