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Superhero Elementary–Picture Day: Iron Man

Continuing my Superhero Elementary: Picture Day Series with Iron Man. I was working on 2 versions of this one with lasers –one serious and the other a goofing around Tony Stark. I will also have an “unmasked” version available in the near future.

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Superhero Elementary–Picture Day: War Machine

Spoiler alert…I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron on Friday afternoon. And I will be going again this week with some friends. Excited to see War Machine finally in the mix here. Had to work on this right away. Yes, he’s smiling for the camera under his helmet.

Print shop to be updated soon.

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Superhero Elementary–Picture Day: Thor

I’m counting down the days until Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters! So I’m using the next few days to launch an on-going series of prints. Superhero Elementary–Picture Day. Complete with laser and non-laser versions of all my comic book favorites. I’ll have a print shop opening in the next couple of weeks.

First up: Thor! Had to work on one of my favorite comic characters first. When I was 9 my grandparents bought me a box of old silver age comics at a garage sale. A bunch of Kirby-era Thor issues that I spent countless hours studying the art. I still have them and they are VERY well-read.

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Today’s Avengers post… THOR!!! Yep, still have a bunch of classic Stan Lee / Jack Kirby issues of Thor I found at a garage sale when I was 8. So awesome! My grandparents bought a box of comics for me when we were on a family trip to Illinois and Michigan in 1984. A bunch of old Superman, World’s Finest, horror comics, and a whole bunch of Journey Into Mystery issues guest-starring Hercules. They were my favorites of the bunch, probably because I was really into all the Norse and Greek mythology at that time.
Just a few days left for the movie, can’t believe I have to wait until Sunday:(

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Day 2 of my Avengers countdown. When I was about 7 years old, one of my favorite comic heroes was Hawkeye. Not sure why. I think I just liked his purple costume and the really cool trick arrows he often used. I had a bunch of Avengers issues with him on that team, but never in a major role. And then he split to form the West Coast Avengers. I thought that was really awesome, so I collected the Limited Series and the first few issues of the regular series. But that title became boring really quick, so I moved on to X-Men, Spider-man and the Punisher.

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The Avengers – Hulk

I’m counting down the days until The Avengers hits theatre screens in the U.S. It looks like I have to wait until Sunday to go and see it. That’s okay, I’m going to use the next 7 days to post some Avengers inspired sketches I’ve worked on. I’ve been trying a new style that is a bit more relaxed and fluid. Skipping the Illustrator process and going direct to Photoshop. 

The first submission is a big old sketch of the Hulk. He is still one of my favorite comic heroes to this day.   The Incredible Hulk television show was one of my favorites when I was four. I loved to watch him smash stuff, and he also scared me to the point of hiding behind sofas and chairs when he was changing. 

Here he is, jumping up ready to “Hulk Smash” something…


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I’m starting the year by wrapping up some older projects that I never finished in 2011. Here is Odin, this was really rough and I think I became bored halfway through work on it. I sat down and powered through it last night. I’ve also added  a few of  the others from the series.

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Captain America VS. Red Skull: Part 2

Finished up working on the Red Skull with the cosmic cube. Worked mostly in Illustrator and then switched over to Photoshop to build up a stronger intensity. I’ve been working with a very subdued and earth tone palate lately. It was a good change. I wasn’t completely happy with where Captain America ended. I revised a few things and then made a new composite featuring the two. Much happier. I’ll sleep a little better tonight.

Captain America vs Red Skull - Final

Red Skull Triumphant!

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