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New Cards

I’m working on a few new posts for some greeting card ideas. Just messing around with some textures and  characters. I have a ton of other sketches and new work that I’ll be posting in the next few days. It’s getting tough to work inside on such nice days. Saving my work time for the hours of 9PM-2AM. So I’m feeling a bit tired at the day job.




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The Melting Rainbow

Spring is here and I’m feeling the allergies this week. Just checked the pollen level… it was a 10.2 out of 12. Which explains the worn-out, scratchy-eye, sneezing feeling I’m having the last week. The good news for that is I can stay in and work on a bunch of new ideas. This was the first of about 6 illustrations I’ve been working on. I had 2 different versions of this. Melting ice cream rainbow: one with a curve and the other straight down. Here it is up to vote over at Threadless: http://threadless.com/submission/416633/6_Flavors_of_Fun

These are the 2 versions I worked up during the process:

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Preparing For the Snow, Cold and Slushy Weather

The cold really set in last night here. Used the opportunity to visit some ideas that were bouncing around in my head. Thinking about posting this by the front door as we prepare for a little bit of snow over the next couple of days.

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Illustration Friday – Double Scoop

I’ve been working on a series of animated ice cream cones for a series I’ll start posting next week. 95 degrees outside with storms, so I spent a few hours working on a “double” themed cone illustration. Conjoined scoops melting away under the hot sun. The orange one is enjoying the summer sun, while the green scoop is suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion.

"Double Scoop" by Chad Albers

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