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The Avengers – Hulk

I’m counting down the days until The Avengers hits theatre screens in the U.S. It looks like I have to wait until Sunday to go and see it. That’s okay, I’m going to use the next 7 days to post some Avengers inspired sketches I’ve worked on. I’ve been trying a new style that is a bit more relaxed and fluid. Skipping the Illustrator process and going direct to Photoshop. 

The first submission is a big old sketch of the Hulk. He is still one of my favorite comic heroes to this day.   The Incredible Hulk television show was one of my favorites when I was four. I loved to watch him smash stuff, and he also scared me to the point of hiding behind sofas and chairs when he was changing. 

Here he is, jumping up ready to “Hulk Smash” something…


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