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Halloween illustrations

Worked on a bunch of revamps for this year’s Halloween cards. Here’s a quick look…

vampire with glowBats on twilight blue sky

Happy Halloween Spider

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Warning: 8 Eyes are watching

This guy would make an awesome surveillance system. 8 eyes to watch every corner of the room. This is my post for the challenge of “warning” for Illustration Friday this week. I was sticking with my bug theme from the week before. I had fun with both of them so I may continue the theme for this coming Friday. I’m hoping for something I can use ladybugs on.

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Ads of the Future – ChefBot part 2.

I received a slow cooker for Christmas this year. As geeky as this sounds, it’s seriously the best gift ever. A big “thank you” to my sister for knowing just what to get me. Somehow, I really screwed up my first attempt with chili. I didn’t have a recipe to go by, so I mixed and matched a bit of this and a bit of that. Topped it off with Tabasco sauce and cheese, and voilà, I have…spaghetti sauce? Ugh, major fail. Since then I’ve improved, and tried out a pot roast and pork chops recipes. Not bad, I’m getting better.

But you know what would make my cooking even better? A ChefBot. That’s right, ChefBot. Complete with 800 recipes for any occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, Thanksgiving, Italian, Thai, Mexican, BBQ and many more. And that’s not all! If you order from WeirdoBoy Industries in 30 minutes, we will throw in the “Brewmaster”, “Wine Connoisseur” and “Fire Safety” programs absolutely free!

I can wish, right?

ChefBot: Order Now!

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13 Spooky Monsters – 12, 13: Burning Buddies

Tying the last 2 monsters for the month into this week’s Illustration Friday theme: burning. I couldn’t decide on which to post, so I’m putting them both online. The first “little burner” is accident prone. And the second guy is a 20 foot monster. He likes to tapdance, which sort of explains the socks and shoes. There’s a better story, but I’ll save it for a future post. Now it is bed time.

"Little Burner"

"20 Foot Monster"

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13 Spooky Monsters – 10 & 11 Mr. Feathers and Concessions

Even monsters need day jobs. This guy eats half of everything he sells. The second illustration is a revamped illustration from a previous project. Never had time to add full-color until now.

"Concession Stand Monster" by Chad Albers

"Mr. Feathers"

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13 Spooky Monsters – #9: Twin Tricksters

Whoa. The last month has been absolutely crazy. I fell off the grid for a few weeks as I adjusted to a new role at work. Plus, I had a ton of sketches to scan in, clean up and then start adding some color to. I’ll be posting the remainder of the work tonight and tomorrow. Then I’m going to take a break as I work on a project for a friend’s beauty salon. I also need to get back to turning in a few items for Illustration Friday.

This conjoined monster was really excited for Halloween this year. One was thinking “superhero”, while the other was thinking “villian”. Stitch their costumes together for the perfect hero/foe pairing.

"Twin Tricksters" by Chad Albers


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Illustration Friday – Racing Monsters

We’re just a few days away from another Halloween night. The best part is handing out the candy to all the neighborhood kids that go racing up and down our street. Hopefully we’ll have another night of good weather this year. For this week’s illustration I wanted to bring in part of the “monster” series I’m working on. Imaging monsters getting dressed up in costume and then racing up and down the streets on Halloween night.

"Trick or Treating Monsters" by Chad Albers

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13 Spooky Monsters – #7 and #8

Wow. This week keeps getting busier. I still need to find a few more elements for my costume before Saturday night. Well, since I fell behind, I had to change my countdown to a list. So I’ll be completing the list of 13 Spooky Characters during the next few days. I’m having fun imagining monsters dressing up for Halloween. They would probably have fun trick or treating and picking out costumes.

"Monster Hero" by Chad Albers

"Monster Ghost" by Chad Albers

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13 Spooky Days – #6: Jack-O-Lantern

It’s just not Halloween until you:
1- find the perfect costume
2-carve yourself a Jack-O-Lantern
Reworked something I illustrated over a year ago. Tried to improve it with better colors and textures. 7 more to go! I think this might make for some nice Halloween cards next year.

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13 Spooky Days – #4 and #5

Catching up on a few illustrations I struggled with over the weekend. A Swamp Creature seemed like the perfect add to the list. I sketched a few different ideas and just couldn’t find the right look until late Sunday night. So I worked on 2 different options. One looks like a creature that’s been eating way too many catfish from the swamp. The second was starting to look like a sleestak from “Land of the Lost”, so I kept tweaking him a bit until I was happy. For fun, I added a B-movie title to create a 3rd option.

"It Came From The Swamp"

"Swampy" by Chad Albers

Swamp Creature 1 - by Chad Albers

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