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Ordinary cat? Just add a horn and instantly it becomes magical!

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The Uni-Cat

The Uni-Cat


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Hug It Out, America

I’m counting down to the end of 2013. I realize I haven’t posted much on this blog during the year, so I’ll try and recap a lot of work. I have spent many late nights working on a variety of my own work, sketching, scanning, adding color, retouching, etc. All of this fell in between bottle feedings and hopefully 6 hours of sleep each night.

This is a piece I worked on around the beginning of October. The government had been shut down and  the news seemed rather dire every day. Negativity was flying from both sides. I just felt like we all needed to hug it out and make everything a little better.

Hug It Out

Hug It Out

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The Last Few Months

I did it again. I fell behind on my posts and suddenly I’m playing catch-up months later. Well, I have been really busy. I went back to sketching constantly and building upon those ideas for some final illustrations. And in my phone I carry a list of ideas, projects, thoughts, etc. All of these are keeping me up at night and I am really trying to focus on what to work on first. Well, for now, here is a sample of some recent work…

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Today’s Avengers post… THOR!!! Yep, still have a bunch of classic Stan Lee / Jack Kirby issues of Thor I found at a garage sale when I was 8. So awesome! My grandparents bought a box of comics for me when we were on a family trip to Illinois and Michigan in 1984. A bunch of old Superman, World’s Finest, horror comics, and a whole bunch of Journey Into Mystery issues guest-starring Hercules. They were my favorites of the bunch, probably because I was really into all the Norse and Greek mythology at that time.
Just a few days left for the movie, can’t believe I have to wait until Sunday:(

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Teenage Moon: Craterface

Remember those awkward teenage years? Waking up in the morning and finding that new blemish on your nose right before the big dance? Well, it happens to moons too! Lucky for them, scientists have invented Crater-B-Gone! Now available for vote over at

Craterface - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

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The Melting Rainbow

Spring is here and I’m feeling the allergies this week. Just checked the pollen level… it was a 10.2 out of 12. Which explains the worn-out, scratchy-eye, sneezing feeling I’m having the last week. The good news for that is I can stay in and work on a bunch of new ideas. This was the first of about 6 illustrations I’ve been working on. I had 2 different versions of this. Melting ice cream rainbow: one with a curve and the other straight down. Here it is up to vote over at Threadless:

These are the 2 versions I worked up during the process:

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RoboPup vs Homework Round 2

I’ve been busy. Way to busy at work and after work. I have a “to do” list that keeps on growing. One of the things on my list was to submit a design to Threadless. They recently had a backpack design challenge. I thought this may be the perfect spot to use the “RoboPup” illustration. You can check it out and vote here if you would like: RoboPup vs Homework.

AND I was inspired to revisit this illustration after adopting a rescue dog from the Humane Society last weekend. I found this cute little guy on Sunday and I get to bring him home tomorrow! So excited. His name is Rocco and he came from a home with over 100 dogs. Sad story, but he is in really good shape and will be loved by the 3 of us at home. If you are interested in donating to them or reading more on the other dogs, here’s a link to the story at the Humane Society of Minnesota. 

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I’m starting the year by wrapping up some older projects that I never finished in 2011. Here is Odin, this was really rough and I think I became bored halfway through work on it. I sat down and powered through it last night. I’ve also added  a few of  the others from the series.

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Fast Food Fun Time!

Still working on a whole series of Fast Food Fun Time. Here are a few more of the recent pieces. Posting this for IllustrationFriday, this week’s theme is “stripes”.

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Captain America vs. Red Skull

My idea this summer was to illustrate something from each summer movie I went to. I started with Thor way back in May. I did make it to “The Hangover 2” and “X-Men: First Class” before my vacation in June. I really fell behind. So I picked up where I left off last month and wanted to make a few new pieces from “Harry Potter” and “Cowboys vs Aliens”.

First up…Captain America. I want to combine this with a Red Skull piece that I’m still working on. I love working with the iconic shield, so I made sure to get that in there. The Red Skull had to have the cosmic cube, so there is a preview of that here too. More to come…

Captain AmericaRed Skull - Cosmic Cube

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