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Heroic Elements On Sale-$10

My design for HEROIC ELEMENTS is now on sale at shirt.woot! On sale for a limited time!

A few of the close-up designs are attached below.




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Galactic Elements

My new design is up for sale on Shirt Woot! Galactic Elements. On sale for a limited time. Thanks for all the votes!









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Superhero Elementary–Picture Day: Iron Man

Continuing my Superhero Elementary: Picture Day Series with Iron Man. I was working on 2 versions of this one with lasers –one serious and the other a goofing around Tony Stark. I will also have an “unmasked” version available in the near future.

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The Last Few Months

I did it again. I fell behind on my posts and suddenly I’m playing catch-up months later. Well, I have been really busy. I went back to sketching constantly and building upon those ideas for some final illustrations. And in my phone I carry a list of ideas, projects, thoughts, etc. All of these are keeping me up at night and I am really trying to focus on what to work on first. Well, for now, here is a sample of some recent work…

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Today’s Avengers post… THOR!!! Yep, still have a bunch of classic Stan Lee / Jack Kirby issues of Thor I found at a garage sale when I was 8. So awesome! My grandparents bought a box of comics for me when we were on a family trip to Illinois and Michigan in 1984. A bunch of old Superman, World’s Finest, horror comics, and a whole bunch of Journey Into Mystery issues guest-starring Hercules. They were my favorites of the bunch, probably because I was really into all the Norse and Greek mythology at that time.
Just a few days left for the movie, can’t believe I have to wait until Sunday:(

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RoboPup vs Homework Round 2

I’ve been busy. Way to busy at work and after work. I have a “to do” list that keeps on growing. One of the things on my list was to submit a design to Threadless. They recently had a backpack design challenge. I thought this may be the perfect spot to use the “RoboPup” illustration. You can check it out and vote here if you would like: RoboPup vs Homework.

AND I was inspired to revisit this illustration after adopting a rescue dog from the Humane Society last weekend. I found this cute little guy on Sunday and I get to bring him home tomorrow! So excited. His name is Rocco and he came from a home with over 100 dogs. Sad story, but he is in really good shape and will be loved by the 3 of us at home. If you are interested in donating to them or reading more on the other dogs, here’s a link to the story at the Humane Society of Minnesota. 

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Hothy Holidays: Part II – Wampa Returns

Posting the second card from this year’s Christmas card series, inspired by Empire Strikes Back and planet Hoth. Hothy Holidays from the Wampa.

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I’m starting the year by wrapping up some older projects that I never finished in 2011. Here is Odin, this was really rough and I think I became bored halfway through work on it. I sat down and powered through it last night. I’ve also added  a few of  the others from the series.

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Hothy Holidays: Part 1 – Star Wars Viper droid

Posting a few Star Wars inspired cards I created for Christmas this year. I wrapped up a few gifts and used these as labels for my brother and other Star Wars obsessed fans.  I love the Empire Strikes Back, and the Hoth playsets were my favorite as a child. Inspired to create a theme of Christmas on Hoth cards. First up: the Viper probe droid decorating a tree. I tried to get all the legs to look good, but I think even with that he felt a bit static. So I added a small “happy shape” on his top. That seemed to add a bit of holiday cheer that was missing.

Hothy Holidays! Part 1 - Viper Probe Droid

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