Captain America vs. Red Skull

My idea this summer was to illustrate something from each summer movie I went to. I started with Thor way back in May. I did make it to “The Hangover 2” and “X-Men: First Class” before my vacation in June. I really fell behind. So I picked up where I left off last month and wanted to make a few new pieces from “Harry Potter” and “Cowboys vs Aliens”.

First up…Captain America. I want to combine this with a Red Skull piece that I’m still working on. I love working with the iconic shield, so I made sure to get that in there. The Red Skull had to have the cosmic cube, so there is a preview of that here too. More to come…

Captain AmericaRed Skull - Cosmic Cube

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2 thoughts on “Captain America vs. Red Skull

  1. Daniel says:

    Any chance there’s a way to contact you via email? I’d love to speak about this piece – or possibly hiring you to do a custom piece. I’ll check back here regularly to see if you’ve gotten back to me 😉

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