Sketchbook – Attack of the State Fair Foods

This is the first of a new challenge I’ve tasked myself with. I’m going to try and do a weekly post (or posts) from my sketchbook. Just to share any random idea or possible project I’m starting. I just wrapped up a busy couple of weeks with 2 mini-vacations, a wedding weekend, some baseball and a few rounds of golf. AND I’m proud to say I’ve completed all of these things with just a mild sunburn.
Sadly, summer goes by way to fast in Minneapolis. But the best way to close the summer is with a trip to the Minnesota State Fair. Where else can you choose between 100 foods on a stick, catch some live music, check out wildlife, view a freakshow, take-in some seed art and then hit a beer garden for a local brew? And you can do all of this while wearing elastic-waisted pants and a neon fanny pack (okay, not so much me, but this seems to work for so many other people).
So I started working on this project for my office. We’ll be making a trip together on the 27th. To help people remember I’m creating a 10-day reminder, based on 10 of the top foods you have to get when there. I’ll post finals here starting next week. Until then, here is a sample of the sketches I’ve started.

Chad Albers - Minnesota State Fair Foods - Sketch 1

Chad Albers - Minnesota State Fair Foods - Sketch 2

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