Illustration Friday – Double Scoop

I’ve been working on a series of animated ice cream cones for a series I’ll start posting next week. 95 degrees outside with storms, so I spent a few hours working on a “double” themed cone illustration. Conjoined scoops melting away under the hot sun. The orange one is enjoying the summer sun, while the green scoop is suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion.

"Double Scoop" by Chad Albers

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6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Double Scoop

  1. michele says:

    Nice! The tragedy and comedy of the cones!

  2. arihoma says:

    pretty cool! The green one looks like he’s got rabies 🙂 Which flavours are they?

    • weirdoboy says:

      Ha! Yeah, the green is definitely a Lime-Rabies swirl. The orange scoop is more of a Euphoric-Tangerine-Sorbet.

  3. Sheri says:

    I am looking for a cartoonish ice cream cone (real ice cream) with a face and arms, holding a hot dog. Kind of in a old drive-in-movie style.. where all the food talked and danced! Any ideas?

  4. Sheri says:

    LOVE your double cones.

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