Nice iPhone 4. Can I break it?

Monday night. Great night to relax and put the pen to paper. The theme for Illustration Friday this week is “diary”. I’ve been carrying this sketch journal with me all year. Each week I try to fill in a few new images with ideas, thoughts or recaps of events. This past weekend I went to an outdoor festival here in Minneapolis. Half-way through Guster’s set I made a very stupid mistake. While waving my arms in the air, I accidentally knocked my friend’s iPhone G4 out of her hands. Brand new phone, just over a week old. Somersaulting through the air, landing with a face plant on asphalt. Ouch. There was a 2-second pause where we just stared at it, laying face down in a strange techie crime scene. I picked it up and dusted off the face, it looked good…except for the bottom right corner. Right next to the main button was a 1/4′ chip, looking like it had been shot with a bb gun. I kept brushing the glass thinking that if I did this enough, maybe it would reveal a magic iPhone fix. Fast forward a few days. I found 2 different solutions. Upgrade my iPhone plan, trade in my 3GS for a new iPhone 4, give that one to her, and I’ll take the chipped one. Or option 2, we may have found someone that can replace the glass for a little bit of money. Either way, I’m never dancing at another concert ever again.

Cracked iPhone 4

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2 thoughts on “Nice iPhone 4. Can I break it?

  1. Sally Taylor says:

    Oh No! I’m so sorry about the rotten luck. Thanks for the smile and the cute illo to go with it though.

  2. laia says:

    I think the sketch’ll make it up!

    In any case, I hope you dont stop dancing at concerts! 🙂

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