The *Summer* Party Animal

Spent the last couple of nights working on a “paisley” themed illustration. Monday was a good night to sit outside, grill some food, open a couple of beers and work on some ideas. This week became a two-parter illustration. At first I worked on a paisley pattern that turned all the paisleys into little creatures. I thought this would make a fun shirt pattern, especially if you were a monster at a summer party. So I sketched up this furry guy, Vern, and dressed him in the paisley-party shirt. And completed the party ensemble with a refreshing cocktail and tasty turkey leg. Party on.

Monster Paisley Pattern - by Chad Albers

Vern - The Party Animal - by Chad Albers

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6 thoughts on “The *Summer* Party Animal

  1. Christina says:

    great paisley pattern and character design!

  2. Ivy says:

    Ha! these are great…♥

  3. Sara Gancho says:

    The monster is absolutely adorable! I love the pattern! cool amazing style!

  4. khwhitaker says:

    cool paisley design, love the monster too

  5. margothere says:

    Love the monster paisley (each one of them) and the monster in paisley. Nice variations on the paisley theme. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

  6. Celeste says:

    I love these, paisley monsters, terrific!

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