Bring out your inner freak.

We just had a work event to raise money for our annual charity. This year’s them was “carnival”, so our group created a freakshow. The idea was to paint some really rough looking canvas posters that mimic the old freakshow posters from old time carnivals. I created some additional menu posters for customers to choose their freak from. They bought tickets, we photographed them and they chose which Freak to become when we put it all together.

I even dressed up for my role as a carney. Fresh pizza stain and all. Take a look…

Freak Show Poster

Freak-a-nator Menu Poster


Illustration - Carny - Chad Albers


Illustration - Bearded Lady - Chad Albers


Illustration - Carny Cletus - Chad Albers


Chad Albers as the Bearded Lady


Striking my best carny pose.

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