A late night post.

Well, here I am again. Posting a late-night entry for IllustrationFriday. And to be honest, this one fell into place by accident about 5 minutes ago. The theme this week is “early”. I had ideas to work on, but I was asked to work on a “save the date” card for a wedding early in the week. And since they’re trying to get these out “early” I figured “why not?”

Usually I would turn down wedding invites and such, but the engagement just happened and the wedding is right around the corner. All they were asking for was a JPEG design that could be sent out in the next few days before people start leaving for holiday travels. I agreed. Not a lot of work, but I had 2 Yankees/Twins games to attend during the week, not to mention a big project hit my desk on Tuesday.

So I found time to work on it tonight finally. They liked the idea of something fun and different from the norm. They’re invites are very modern-traditional, but this could be fun. The only request they had for me was not to add penguins or beer. Strange request? Yes. Well, every year I join this group at a weekend cabin party. For some reason in 2002 I made a shirt with a penguin on it, and he became the official mascot. Over the years the penguin has appeared on new shirts. Sometimes playing beer pong, passed out or simply wearing one of those old drinking helmets.

For the invites I started out nice. Bold colors. Floral patterns. Big flourish art. I made it through 8 options and I felt like I was done and done. But I couldn’t resist adding one more to email out. So I added the “Kathy and Colin present Penguins! Penguins! Penguins” Vows. Dance. Beer.  All that fun stuff. And to entice them into picking this one even more I added the “save the date” message with the $10 entry fee. They could make some nice $$$. Here’s hoping they pick this one. The email just went out at 2am. I should hear back by morning. If they don’t like it, there’s always “weddingpalooza” (see that below).


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