Paul Bunyan in the Suburbs

This week’s them for Illustration Friday is “equipment”. I have been watching the History Channel lately. On Sunday I was watching the latest episode of “America: The Story of Us” which focused on the building of the Statue of Liberty and the first skyscrapers in NY. I was thinking about the excitement around these achievements back then and the risk people took when building them. 

Somehow, with the Statue of Liberty in mind, I started thinking of the Paul Bunyan statues that are scattered around our northern Minnesota towns. My parents brought me to a Paul Bunyan themed park when I was 6. You would sit up by his gigantic tapping foot and get your photo taken. My parents would give a park worker my name, and then a deep echoing voice would say “HI CHAD”. Of course this would freak me out and I’d try to run away, tears streaming down my face. 

So with this week’s illustration I brought Paul Bunyan to the suburbs. People in Minnesota love the folklore of Paul and Babe. I was imagining somebody just getting out their tools and carving the biggest statue they could, right in the middle of their suburb.

Paul Bunyan in the Suburbs by Chad Albers

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