Attack of the Black Jellyfish

Illustration Friday project. The theme this week is: Fearless. I worked on this early in the week, but this has been a crazy past few days. I’ve been putting in some long hours at the day job.

As usual, I’m playing iTunes in the background as I work. One thing I realized on Monday and Tuesday was I kept listening to the same albums over and over  (Julian Casablancas, Bon Iver and Beach House) . I have a part of my music library at work. About 20 GB, equals out to 10.3 days of listening time. This is only part of it. My home computer is 120 GB and over a month of non-stop listening. So I decided to set my music to “BY ALBUM” and start at the beginning. From A-Z, for the next 10 work days I’ll go through my entire at-work playlist. I started on Tuesday evening. But somehow I’m still on  the A’s. I guess the Beatles “Anthology” collections took up a whole day on their own. Made my way through “Appetite for Destruction” and “Armchair Apocrypha” and some Arcade Fire today. What a weird mix this makes. Just one of the reasons that I love iTunes.

Oh yeah, so the theme is “fearless”. And I was having fun creating some underwater scenes early in the week. Last week I saw 2 things that got me thinking. Went to a preview of Iron Man 2 last Wednesday and was geeking out over one of my childhood faves. And then I saw an old scuba helmet on the show “Pawn Stars”. Combine them together for a new fearless underwater hero facing down a bloom of the deadly black jellyfish. Um… yeah… I need a name that sounds a bit more fierce.

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One thought on “Attack of the Black Jellyfish

  1. Farhana says:

    Ha, that’s pretty awesome.

    I like your work.. (everything on your blog).

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