oodles and oodles of doodles

Okay. I’m getting this in for Illustration Friday right at the deadline. I’ve been sketching an idea for the past 4 days trying to make an idea work. This weeks theme is “detective” and I was looking for a good story to tell. I found it, but then I was having issues making it come alive. Sketching and scanning. Repeat. I really worked this idea to death, and then at the end I dropped a part. I’ll post the final tonight still. The idea was to do something fun with a Sasquatch and him avoiding the hunter using some detective skills to track him in the forest. At first I hated my Sasquatch. So I redrew him, a couple of times. Then I was REALLY hating the hunter guy. So I dropped him. But in the end I had a fun sasquatch black and white piece that I liked. Maybe I can use this on some cool fabrics, leather, whatever. Or just as a logomark somewhere.

Okay… here is a peak at the sketches. 


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