I <3 Robots

I loved robots as a kid…and as an adult. One of our early family vacations was to Wisconsin Dells. My parents took the family to “Robot World”. I couldn’t contain my excitement for this tour. It was touted as a look into the future of American households. Where robots did the cooking, cleaning and even walked the dog. The photos in the brochure even pictured these amazing robots interacting with you during the tour. Then, after an hour of waiting in line and another hour of walking through this tour, I was bored and unimpressed. These weren’t robots. They were just a bunch of glorified mannequins repeating the same motion over and over again like the Santa Claus we put in our window every Christmas. Luckily this didn’t extinguish my obsession with robots. Later that year I received Robotics as a Christmas gift from my parents. I was then able to build my own toy robots that would drive, lift and interact with my favorite Star Wars toys.

As I got older I realized I was never going to be a scientist creating more complex robots, but I did have a talent for drawing them. In the last few years I’ve been working on a story based around the perfect household robot. I also realized I’ve gone through about 5 iPods in 4 years and just how disposable technology has become for me. I’m imagining a future with these drawings where what is “cool” and “groundbreaking” one day is actually just tomorrow’s trash. I’ll see where I end up in the end with this project, hopefully it’s not Robot World.


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